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Vocational Skill Development

MINE SKILL Foundation enhances quality, skills and competence of human resources has been the single largest factor for sustainable growth and well being of educational and corporate concerns. We offer a range of accredited quality vocational skills courses that formalise ‘on the job’ learning and bear testimony to the recognized skills of the worker. We are able to bring partners with considerable experience in various horizontal vocational and professional sectors. We partner with internationally recognised training and certification from UK and Australia, having many years experience delivering large volume, proven, quality, in the areas of skill development. Our partners fulfill the roles of both the training bodies and as the certification /qualification bodies. The courses are as follows:

  • Book-Keeping

  • Business Management

  • Event Management

  • Hospitality

  • Banking Finance Service & Insurance

  • Sports Development & Fitness

  • Travel & Tourism

The hallmark of the above programmes are that they fulfill the international benchmark standards; thus satisying the expectations of the employer.

We work on college (further education) development, through a team of people who have worked in very senior management roles in building and building up vocational and professional skills development institutions. We are able to provide complex and substantial consultancy for the development of education Institution and its onward management and control.

We affirm the need for reform in a system that requires young adults to overcome ‘hurdles to happiness’; we seek to personalize learning and widen the curriculum so that each student finds a ‘highway to happiness’.