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Multiple Intelligence Application


It Prepares Teachers and Parents: Awareness of Multiple Intelligences (MI) allows parents and teachers to collaborate on effective learning programmes.

It Assists Students: MI profile analysis provides valuable information to students of all ages for enhancing their learning and helping them in their academic accomplishments.

Teaching, Curriculum, Improved Lesson Plans for Teachers and School:Teachers develop the ability to create powerful Multiple Intelligences (MI) inspired lesson plans. A profile check of students provides important information that teachers need to maximize motivation and bring out the best in ALL students as they move from an IQ-based approach to an Multiple Intelligences (MI) inspired approach.

Building a true Learning Culture:We emphasise that diversely-abled students can learn and succeed, that learning is exciting and an enjoyable voyage of adventure.

Leadership Development:MI theory and practice develops the leadership abilities of school and university students. The Multiple Intelligence Analysis Tool (MIAT) is a powerful source of information for building the requisite self-knowledge and interpersonal understanding.

Multiple Intelligences Benefits

Multiple Intelligence practice in an institution ensures the following benefits:

  • An educational institution is a better learning centre

  • Pupils will be able to demonstrate and share their strengths

  • Pupils accumulate positive educational experiences and develop the capability for creating solutions to problems in adult life

  • Increases each pupil’s self-esteem

  • Pupils manage their own learning and become balanced individuals.

  • A better pupil-teacher-parent partnership in learning emerges

  • Pupils who experience a multiple intelligence oriented education are likely to be more successful in life.

  • Assists pupils to match their ability with potential and realise their career options at an early age.

  • Pupils and educators are more motivated and creative.  

  • Educators integrate new technology into their curriculum.

  • Provides opportunities for authentic learning based on the students' needs, interests and talents.