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  Core Values


Teaching (ethos)
Each child is a capable learner; our task is to empower each one to attain their full potential.


Educational Outcomes
We promote a love of lifelong learning and acquisition of skills with knowledge. We seek to build bridges with those who empathise with our values and who see learning as a joyful pursuit.


We wish to nurture a community where individuals encourage and support one another; where respect is given freely to all members and where each is accountable for the impact of our actions on the community, on the environment, and oneself.
We cherish the school and home as safe havens for children and the first, key environments that impact a child’s attitudes and principles


Excellence in Education Practicer
School and home programmes of study are based on progressive educational thought and practice. We acknowledge the need to educate for:

  • Peace, in an often violent world

  • Environmental awareness, in a world where natural beauty and balance is vanishing

  • The alleviation of poverty and exploitation, in a dehumanised world

  • Knowledge and Tolerance of other creeds and cultures, in a diverse world that is often fearful.

  • Happiness, an ultimate goal often lost in an economically driven, materialistic world.