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Aims & Objectives


  • Create awareness among caring stakeholders about a person’s unique strengths.
  • Get to every child, every time, with a sense of wonder and enjoyment.

  • Identify child’s full potential for general learning and specialized learning pathways.

  • Mentor children on ethical standards at regional, national and international level.

  • Scientifically assess a child’s intelligence profile for career success.

  • Develop a teaching methodology and mode of instruction to cater to the diverse intelligence of each child

  • Enhance teaching methods that cater to the diverse intelligence of each child
  • Prepare each child for effective living in the 21st century

  • Assist educators to assess authentically every child to support them effectively in their learning.

  • Expose educators to innovative and best educational practices and enable them to link these diverse practices with their own experiences.

  • Stimulate constructive debate and idea-sharing among educators to enhance and broaden their knowledge.

  • Offer opportunities for educators to develop specialized skills for teaching and assist them to understand the emphasis of research and the discovery of underlying principles in the classroom.